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Если бы я был султан, я б имел трёх жён!

Или хотя бы двух, как наш Коди в новой семье. Кто на этом снимке султан, можно понять с первого взгляда.

Вот свезло, так свезло!

Should I be a sultan I would have three wives
And enjoy every day with my second halves.
On another though side if I look again,
I might have lots to lose and not much to gain.

It’s nice to have at least three dear wives,
But on other hand it won’t be too wise.

Zulfiya irons robes and Fatma darns socks.
Guly sews, but again everything so sucks.
Even though to get laid’s always “duty-free”,
Ha! Guess what, mom-in-laws also are three.

If I get from a wife just one hundred grams,
Then it will be three times in the total sums.
But when I am sh*t drunk, guess what happens next? -
Every wife makes a scene in my cozy nest.

We, sultans, to ourselves gotta clarify
How many we need and, of course, why.
To each wive I would say: “Honeydews, so long.”
Should I be a sultan I would live alone.

It’s nice I should say to have no wives,
It’s so much better and certainly wise.
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